Sunday, August 28, 2005

The How To

Everything is a study these days. People study on how to eat, how to sleep, how to talk, how to teach, how to do practically everything we do. Just last week, I attended a 2-day training on how to conduct research, qualitatively. It's amazing that there are people who research on the to best way to research! :D

So this man, the professor who conducted the training, was an old man with white beard and large glasses. He spoke averagely fluent English, but with a very heavy Malay accent. He was very good with the audience, though - he could remember names very well, and treated everyone with great respect. Whenever anyone asked a questions, it was a good question by him. Even the most stupid and silly things raised were given fair response. On the first day, the training went quite well. On the second day, however, the old man (I suppose) got quite full of himself, and sort of lost track. He discussed each point he was presenting in such great detail, with so many background stories, and theories and examples, that most of the people listening to him were bored. Master Sen (who sat next to me) was already fighting off sleep. But well, on the overall, I do think I might just benefit from the knowledge I'd gain. Afterall, the old man is indeed very knowledgeable - imagine someone who got his PhD several years before I was even born!

And now, for some research questions: Why do we constantly have unbalanced distribution of workload in this institution? Why are lady bosses so difficult to work for? Why are people who can't teach programming, or anything slightly more technical, still hired? (so many!) and yes... Why does Lao Yu like to 'suan' Ms B. so much???

Life is just full of questions. :P

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