Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy CNY

Here's wishing everyone a very happy, blissful and prosperous Chinese New Year. May all be healthy and stress-free. The economy is not too well, so perhaps we can't all get very wealthy in terms of $$$, but let's hope we may gain greatly in non-material treasures like love and friendship :)

As we all do, I bet those working with telcos would appreciate a good bonus, so friends - don't hesitate sending CNY sms greetings to each other ;)

Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Angry neil

She married a great guy. He was sweet, charming and treated her as well as she'd ever experienced. She married a great guy, and had 3 beautiful babies with him. Then Mr Right turned wrong. He turned into a beast - not your romantic Beast in Beauty and the Beast, but a real beast.

After the birth of her second child, he and his family (parents and siblings) pressured her into quitting her job to be a full-time mother and home-maker, and therefore, losing her financial independence. Some time after the birth of her third child, he started treating her with coldness. The indifference progressed into verbal abuse and soon, physical abuse.

She has to endure slaps, punches and recently, a kick to the chest that landed her in the hospital. One of her much-loved children, a mere ten-year-old, having picked up some of the big-bully attitude from the beast of a sperm-donor (he is not worthy of the words "husband" or "father"), has started acting defiantly and violently towards her. (Take note of the tenses - this is still on-going at the time of writing)

I do not know her. I have never seen her nor spoken to her. I simply heard her story and I got so infuriated I had to write about it. Don't ask why she hadn't left him. Don't ask why she hadn't filed a police report. Don't ask why she hadn't retaliated. She is an unemployed housewife with 3 young children to care for. Don't you dare judge her. Ask instead WHY a man could even dream of doing this to his wife?

IF I were a MAN, I would never, NEVER lay a finger on a woman. Not if she provoked me, insulted me - not even if she spat in my face! If I were a man, I will NOT beat a woman. Not any woman! Especially NOT she who loved me, married me and bore my children!

This wife-beater does not deserve to be a human. Calling him a beast is actually an insult to beasts! No beast nor insect would harm another of their kind on a whim (for survival, maybe, but definitely NOT for fun!). The fact that he derives joy and satisfaction from inflicting emotional and physical pain on his wife shows just what sort of sick low-life scum he is - probably a self-obssessed coward whose only way of justifying his existence is by exerting physical force on the weak and defenseless. Sick. Sick and disgusting! For the likes of him, even jail-term with whipping is too kind. Try jail, castration, and weekly whipping for the rest of his life, then an eternity in HELL.

Yes, neil is very angry. Some reader might have concluded long ago that neil is somewhat a man-hater. Can you even blame her?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Pretty!

Conversation, abridged.

You know that girl, the very pretty one, the one who I think said she works in KLCC or something...

Is she working in KLCC?

I thought I heard...

No, I think it was that she came from KL last week, because she had something to do in KL...

Oh ok... I must've mistaken then. But you know which one I'm talking about, don't you? The pretty one... there is only 1 really pretty one.

Yea, yea, yea...

Do you know her name?

I didn't have much chance to speak with her also la... I think her name begins with 'L' or something.

Aih -

Apa mau minum?

Er, errr..... milo panas, kurang manis.

Sama lar.


Do you want to order roti? The roti is quite fast.

No, I don't want roti. Makan tak mau lar.

2 milo panas saje?

Ah, tak, 1 milo ais lar!

OK, 1 milo ais, 1 milo panas kurang manis...

So, what about the pretty girl?

She is so pretty! So, so, so pretty! She is so pretty! I can't seem to stop saying it... she is so pretty!

Yea I know! Her complexion is so flawless... so smooth and nice!

That's what I noticed! Perfect, great complexion!

And did you notice her lips?

Oh yea... such soft, pink, lips! And it looks natural... not lipstick or gloss or whatever!

Ya lor... if it was anything applied, she'd need to reapply after some time right? Her lips are really nice.

So pretty la!

Actually her other features are not that pretty...

No? But her eyes are so exquisite!

She's got very deep and defined double eyelids...

And aren't they so pretty and charming?

Oh, but I prefer not so deep double eyelids lor... there's this girl where I work who is also very pretty - she...

It can go on and on and on... however, it's late and *yawwwwwn* I'm sleepy.

The ma-lat-lou version:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch Post

*dedicated to Bee Ree, who always asked me to write about my lunches*

We had packed vegetarian rice yesterday, and in mine I found a little siput. Poor fella was probably cooked alive. Siput aside, the rice was dry, the veges bland and boring, and the fried stuff tough and extremely salty. No, we didn't like it.

We went for pan mee today.

Tom Yam Pan Mee

Ma La Pan Mee

Loh Mee

Lunch was great today. The food was delicious, and pan mee stall uncle gave us each a mandarin orange for dessert :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Patmin's Travel Series

Mr Patmin* travels often for work, and being somewhat a non-writer himself, had commissioned me to pen the more interesting journeys for him. For better reading, the stories will be polished and enhanced in parts, and written in the first-person voice. The actual events, however, will be accurately represented, without exaggeration.

The first tale will be ready for publishing soon. Check back in a while ;)

*not his real name

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Got Mail!

I found it in my mailbox finally!

The best gift one can expect to receive is a token of someone dear remembering me even when away on vacation. And what is better than sending a postcard to let me know? :)

Confession: Granted, I myself requested Bee Ree to send me a postcard from Athens.

But she took the effort to remember that I asked, and to actually do it for me. THANK YOU Bee Ree! Hugs & Muaks!!!

The Audition

When we reached, 3 girls were already in the middle of their audition. They were singing scales. The scales were ascending. With every half-tone, they sounded more tense, more strained, nearer to the thin line between singing and screeching. I felt my throat going dry and my palms getting cold and clammy. A young (I mean very young) boy greeted us, and gave us forms to fill.

As I was filling the form, the audition continued in the background. There were vocalisation, clapping, more vocalisation, and actual singing of songs. She whom I came with went to the washroom, and left alone, I was just that close to running off to the mamak stall downstairs.

Presently, the on-going audition was over. The girls joined us in the sitting area, and we were given a briefing. Then, it was our turn to audition. Fortunately, the 3 girls and some of the other members who were there left before we started. The nice audition-conducter-lady sat at her piano and 3 of us - she whom I came with, and a young (I mean very young) girl, stood in front of her. I didn't know where to look, didn't know where to put my hands, didn't even know how I should stand.

We started off with scales for warm-up. We went high, we went low, and all the time I didn't know what sounds I made because all I could hear was the voice of she whom I came with. Thank goodness for that, for it calmed me a lot. We were then asked to vocalise the scales individually, so that our vocal ranges can be estimated. She whom I came with went first - she went seriously high, then seriously low. So low it was incredible - very wide vocal range indeed! Then it was my turn - higher and higher I went - just as I was wondering where we would stop, I heard myself squeak. That was where I was stopped. Repeating clapping rhythm and short tunes played on the piano were next.

While the young girl had her turn, the 2 of us were each given several bars of music to read. We needed to vocalise the melody just by looking at the notes - translating taugehs to song using only our brains and vocal chords, that is. They call this sight-singing. It suffices to say that afterwards, I was asked to join sight-singing improvement classes.

The last part of the audition called for a song, sung a capella. I prepared a song - I did. Perhaps I didn't practice as hard as I ought to had - perhaps I was too nervous and intimidated - perhaps... I started in the wrong key, methinks; I stumbled a wee bit on the lyrics, methinks; and that "vibrato" she heard - it was really me trembling. That's all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good-looking Men

It doesn't matter if they aren't single - I'm not planning on snagging any. It doesn't matter if they aren't nice, or interesting - I'm not looking for a soulmate, or wanting excessively frequent conversations with any. It doesn't matter if they aren't intelligent - I'm not depending on any to solve my life's problems. Good-looking men are simply that - good for looking at!

Look at those clear, expressive eyes, set deeply, with their well-defined double lids, framed in dark, thick lashes. Look at those chiselled noses and cheeks, complete with skin clear and flawless. Look at those exquisitely-shaped lips; those strong, manly jawlines. Look at those adorable dimples that appear with every littlest smile. Look - just look at the handsome face set in perfect symmetry. If you would, and if there are, look at the good builts, the ripping muscles, the masculine arms and hands.

The same goes for good-looking girls. Feast your eyes! Just remember - eyes only ar...