Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Important Lessons

I've just returned from a 2-day 1-night team building camp (TBC) which consisted of half the staff of my faculty, including our Dean. It was rather physically and intellectually challenging, but very fruitful. I've learned some very valuable lessons, in addition to the how-to-make-teamwork-work.

A very important lesson: A weak link in a chain can break the chain - you only need one incompetent team member to pull the entire team's performance down, even if the other members are very capable.

An even more important lesson: Assistance, given along with unconditional motivation and encouragement can easily strengthen that weak link - instead of blaming and getting rid of the incompetent team member, the team can help him to strive to be competent, and excel.

I believe, that out of the four teams that we had in our TBC, ours is the only one who truly understood these two most important lessons, because we lived through the experience, and the wondrous realisation. Bravo, 'The Greatest' - we are truly the greatest, in the way we held ourselves up and together, never giving up, never complaining, even in the face of losing!

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