Thursday, March 9, 2006

KTM Blues

This morning, the train I was on missed a stop - yes - the driver shot way past the station, and had to reverse the train right back up. Funny? It's the third time I've experienced that within these two months! I don't know what's wrong with these drivers - can't see a station up ahead? Why yes, these days it's still rather dark at 7am but hey, don't all trains have headlights, and a very bright spotlight in front? No wonder commuter trains are almost always late - the drivers have a habit of missing certain stops, and then reversing the trains back to the stops, along the way. How really sophisticated. And because the train missed a stop and reversed back this morning, I was a little late to catch the bus, and as I was walking (really fast) out of the station, I saw the bus pulling up, and had to run all the way to the bus, which is about 30-40m away - on my 2-inch heels, as usual.

In the evenings, when trains arriving late don't affect me as much as they do in the mornings, something else bothers - smoking on the platform. A lot of times, when I was fortunate enough to get a seat on the platform while waiting for the train, some idiot would sit right next to me and go puffing away. And I'd have to give up my seat (by no means unreluctantly, though) and stand at a substantial distance from the air-polluting lung cancer-loving mobile chimney on two legs. Sometimes, when there are too many of them, and they are scattered all over the platform, it just irritates me to no end, for I would be unable to find any spot with fresh air for myself.

However, considering the escalating cost of fuel and not to mention highway tolls, probably a few crazy drivers, running after the bus on high heels and walking second-hand smoke dispensers on the platforms are not such serious problems afterall. Sigh.

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