Monday, July 24, 2006

Counting My Blessings

Whenever my daughter gets into the whining, howling, crocodile-tear-crying, I'm-not-listening-to-a-word-mummy's-saying mood, I get all stressed up, wondering why my child can't be the kind that sits quietly in a corner with a book in her lap. I also get stressed when she refuses to take her milk, making up stories like she's 'full' (but offer her biscuits, she'll take two!), or her stomach is 'aching' (the moment her milk is gotten rid off, the pain's gone too). At one time, she tried to avoid going to preschool by making up 3 different stories, and telling them with tears in her eyes:

1. Her teachers always punished her (to her grandmother)
2. Her friends didn't want to friend her (to her Daddy)
3. I want you (to stay with me)! (to me)

This morning, sending my daughter to her preschool, we saw this little boy (coincidentally, a classmate of my daughter's), who was so reluctant to be in school, that he had to be pried away from his mother's car by two teachers, all the while struggling and crying "我要 Mummy!!!" repeatedly at the top of his lungs. (The screams were loud enough to be audible two houses away!) The screamings and limbs-trashing continued even after his mother drove away. And as I sat in the car, watching my calm, composed daughter walk into school, past her uncontrollable, screeching classmate, I told my husband - well, at least she's not like that!

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