Monday, August 7, 2006

Lame Excuse

Check this out:

To: Miss neil

Sorry, Miss neil because I pass up my laboratory report lately. Actually, I already finished my report on last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle on that night. My wound was very serious and I couldn't walk for the whole week. So, I couldn't pass up my report at last week. I hope Miss neil can forgive me.

From: ... (name omitted to protect privacy)

I got that message on a piece of paper clipped with a lab report which came waaay after the deadline. It gives a whole new literal meaning to the phrase a lame excuse. Poor fella! Here's an egg... take it home and boil it for your ankle.



Kelly Lai said...

You are a very strict teacher.
But if I were you, I would do the same. I find this interesting! Thanks.

neil said...

The story was actually longer:

I don't usually give zero for late submissions - I'm more of the minus 20% per-day-late type of person. But for this once, the case was brought up to the Head of Program, who reminded me that, because the subject was part of a fully-franchised degree, I had to adhere strictly to the franchiser-university's rule, that is, zero-tolerance for late submission. That means zero for the report even if just one day late. Too bad for the poor fella.