Thursday, January 25, 2007


The topic for this morning's call-in-and-talk session on radio was 'the biggest crush you had'. Something like that. Any crush can be - celebrities, teachers, the guy next door...

It kinda got me thinking of the crushes I had. Of course, in terms of sheer number, I can't compare with my bestfriend (she's got an uncountable number of crushes and puppy loves, most of which I am sure she will find amusing if she reminisced) but I've had my share.

Celebrities? I used to have one on the guy who played MacGyver (what's his name?). He's not really the dashingly handsome kind - but I've got this thing for brains. *grin*

Teachers? No lar, most of my teachers were ladies. Only once in a while we'd get a man trainee teacher (one of them was nearly castrated by my bestfriend and me! oh but she was the one holding the scissors :P) No, no crushes on teachers.

Neighbours? I don't mix with neighbours' kids. Others? Well, had a few crushes in college, a few more in university, but of course there's no way to disclose them here and now...

I just feel that it's a nice thing to do once in a while - sit in solitude and think about all the guys I used to think about all the time!

Time to go home. Faculty is empty now.

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