Friday, May 2, 2008


I walked into the CD shop I always purchase CDs from (because their collection is huge and complete, and they always give a discount of beberapa ringgit for each CD) and asked for Sarah Brightman's latest. The young man reached out to the familiar classical / opera corner and whisked it out - the brand new album in all its glory. And then he said to me "Do you want the original? I can copy for you for RM18" *wahhh* Of course I want the original! If I wanted a copy, I can download a copy and it won't cost me RM18! GAH!!!

And so I finally got it! Sarah's new album was, at long last, released in January, after an insufferable wait - her last album, Harem, was released in 2003. Although some compilation CDs were produced during the 4-year interval, they are just what they are - compilations of previously published material.

I had listened to the album in its entirety only several times thus far, and am loving most of it already. Although I miss her full, brilliant soprano voice, the way she sings with soft, tingling clear voice, is none less hauntingly beautiful. And the gothic-theme album artwork is superbly enchanting too.

Her flaming red dress contrasts so extremely well with the gloomy, stormy background (and I really like that vampirish look on her). As usual, there are some very sexy shots of her in the CD booklet which, as much as I love her, I'm not so fond of. Frankly, I believe her album will sell whether or not they display revealing photos of her on the cover.

Symphony's tracklist:

1. Gothica
2. Fleurs du Mal
3. Symphony
4. Canto Della Terra (duet with Andrea Bocelli)
5. Sanvean
6. I Will Be With You (duet with Paul Stanley)
7. Schwere Träume
8. Sarai Qui (duet with Alessandro Safina)
9. Storia d'Amore
10. Let It Rain
11. Attesa
12. Pasion (duet with Fernando Lima)
13. Running

The title track Symphony is more pop than classical, though overwhelmingly romantic, with a few somewhat high notes (though not nearly high enough for Sarah's usual standards). Canto Della Terra is itself a very beautiful song, and should be even more so being sung by Sarah and Andrea Bocelli, but for Sarah's not using her solid soprano voice to complement Andrea's powerful tones. I still love this version, but it could have been better. In fact, all the duets recorded for this album are so good I can't wait to learn to sing them, except for Sarai Qui (it's well-sung, but I don't like the idea of Sarah singing a pop song "classical-style" by translating it to Italian... that's for acts like Il Divo). Schwere Träume, Storia d'Amore and Attesa are very Sarah classical-crossover style, sung in that inimitable, unique, breathtaking Sarah way. There isn't a track in this album that I'd skip (except perhaps track 8...).

All in all, I love this album waaay more than I did Harem :)

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