Friday, December 5, 2008

You Know He Is Drunk When...

1. He comes to the table, spots us with Chinese tea, declares, "Ehh, this one must drink! This one must, MUST!!!" adds whiskey into the tea itself, and makes us drink it... "YAAAAAAAAAAM Seng!"

2. He forces a lady to accept liquor by exclaiming, "You can drink what! YOU'RE NOT PREGNANT!!!...... YAAAAAAAAAAM Seng!"

3. He hugs his buddy, declares in high-decibel vocals that they have been buddies since primary school, repeats it again and again, right before they "YAAAAAAAAAAM Seng!" again and again.

4. He walks around red-faced, slightly disoriented, and insists "You think I'm drunk? I am NOT DRUNK!!!..... YAAAAAAAAAAM Seng!"

5. His father, mother, wife and friends all shake their heads and murmur "He's drunk..."


pekingduck said...

and we all share the same surname? haha

neil said...

Yes, we do! Wooo hooo! (Kindly have more children to carry our glorious surname)