Saturday, February 7, 2009

Discovering Jason Mraz

"I'm Yours"
It was aired on the radio so often. I heard it so many times. The first things I registered were the strumming of the guitar and the squeaking of fingers sliding on the strings. Then, there were the light and breezy male vocals, and the torrents of words stumbling forth, almost tripping over each other. I didn't know who sang the song, nor what it is called - could hardly even catch any of the lyrics sung. I simply knew I liked it. Finding out comprised of asking friends and of course, the Internet. I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz. How do I pronounce that last name? Then, I stumbled upon a page in Facebook, where someone posted the official video. I loved it so much I watched it over and over again. At times, I'd just let it play in the background, repeatedly, while I worked. Then, after I Googled out the lyrics, I finally knew what he was singing about, and I loved it even more - it is my cheer-up and feel-good song.

Another single - a duet! I love duets, and I simply love this one. Just do. It's simple, sweet, lovely, no high notes... and because at the time, the official video for this song wasn't anywhere on YouTube yet, I fed on the fan-recorded live performances videos. And what I saw amazed me incredibly.

Playing and Singing Live
I do not profess to be knowledgeable in the fine arts, nor possess much talent in music, but I believe I can very well recognize talent when I saw it. He is talent personified. It's not just the singing, but the being one with his music. It is the being able to play and sing as naturally as one walks or talks, and the complete enjoyment he evidently feels doing that. It is the passionate way he makes love with his guitar, the way he makes it seem like the instrument is an extension of his limbs - a part of him as much as his voice and his heart are.

Live in Malaysia
It happens in about a month from now, on a Wednesday evening. I am not a concert-going person, but I know if I do not take this opportunity to catch this extraordinary, extremely talented guy live, I will regret it.

So then - see you soon :)

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