Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Post for a Friday

Over lunch, my pretty friend and I talked about the horrid thing that is the Friday afternoon class.

Well, I said, I'd prefer it if I didn't have to do anything (work-related) at all on Friday!

That isn't unreasonable, she said, because I am busy all the other days of the week.

Truth be told, my schedule is sort of packed from Mondays to Thursdays, but I won't say it is reasonable to use that as justification for "not doing anything" on Fridays. Still, it was so sweet of her to think it :)

Furthermore, she continued, I have to blog on Fridays (and she LAUGHED!)


I don't blog on Fridays! Perhaps I should though...

* * * * *

It was like two minutes after stepping into my office, after lunch, that my phone rang. It was a really cute fella. He asked,

"May I know where you are now, Miss?"

I answered,

"You called my office phone and I answered, so obviously I am in my office."

See what I mean when I called the fella a cute fella?

The whole episode reminded me of the time, a long time ago, my Mom called my Papa.

"Where are you now?!"
"(With a smile in his voice, I'm sure) Which number did you call?"
"Your office number."
"So that's where I am now."

* * * * *

I was looking at Snoflek's blog a little while ago, and she'd written a very nice post about someone else's blog. I visited that, and found that I like it very much as well! Take a look, if you will, at this very creative person's very pretty creations:

5th July edit:

Since I was on the (sort of) topic of interesting blogs, here another:

Most people I know don't know I have a guitar. Yes, I own a guitar I can't play, and I've owned it since almost a decade ago. I bought it with money I earned from writing fairy-tales, and I bought it because my Mom sold my piano though I didn't want her to. Yes, she sold the piano I can't play. So, in retaliation, I bought a guitar I can't play...


Ian Tan said...

Errr ... there's something call "call forwarding" these days ... =)

Jyan Chin said...

maybe we should start a "students say the darnest things" log somewhere...

i tot i saw u 2 going for lunch. so this was what was discussed haha

neil said...

Ian - do you actually use that?

Jyan - the darnest (ever!) thing I heard from a student: "I understand what you are teaching, but I am so confused!"

sotong said...

what kinda fairy tales did u write? btw i can give u free guitar lessons if u want...:p