Friday, January 8, 2010

Wrap Your Books

Have I ever mentioned that I believe that all books should be neatly wrapped in thick, clear plastic covers before they are read or used or carried around? I am rather particular when I comes to book-wrapping: the plastic must stretch absolutely flat and taut over the book's covers, and each corner must be folded precisely so they're sharp. Yes, I make sure all my books have four sharp corners... so sharp, I had hurt myself scraping against them before.

Have I ever wrote about all those annoying, obnoxious people on KTM commuter trains? Well, sure I have, I have a whole category for such posts. Being not able to get a seat in the train is the norm, and most journeys would still be pleasant if not for the existence of the very discourteous, always! The really bad, though probably not the worst, are them selfish space-hoggers who sometimes lean their entire sweaty, smelly, disgusting bodies onto the poles so others standing around them have nothing to hold on to while the train sped on, occasionally jerking from side to side.

Have I ever told that I always bring a book with me when I take public tranport? The trains don't always come on time, and the rides aren't usually short either. So, it's great to have something to read while waiting for the train, and while being in the train.

It's also really great that with so many unpleasant, unwelcome presence everywhere in those trains, I have with me a book with very sharp plastic-wrapped corners...

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