Friday, April 30, 2010


There are secrets you share only with your family; there are secrets you share only with your closest friends; there are secrets you share in encrypted language on your blog, perhaps to let known only to the worthy, or perhaps simply to exasperate whoever who's reading; there are secrets you would only want to write in your personal journal, kept securely in a locked drawer, perhaps never to be read by another while you still lived.

And there are secrets you do not even want to be known after you've ceased to be. These are secrets you know must only be in your heart and nowhere else, that must never be whispered, written nor remotely reflected in the eyes. There in the heart they must remain, for always, for ever, and that's all there must be.

What then - if one should have the misfortune of yearning to know that secret so fiercely, so tenaciously kept in your heart?

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