Sunday, September 18, 2011


Don't ask. I found it like that after several days of not playing, and of course, "nobody" did it. Reader, you may remember when they were new, not yet two years ago. Funny how, after all, I didn't need to decide, based on approximated reasonable wear, when they should be changed.

I've never changed my own guitar strings - I had help both times they were changed - fortunately or unfortunately, for I'm on my own this time. Oh, well.

The new, the old, the broken:

*struggle*struggle*struggle* And done:

My poor, abused guitar looks lovely, and sounds even lovelier. The tones are so much brighter and warmer that even I, with my not-so-trained-ears, can tell the vast difference. I guess I now know why it's necessary to replace strings even when they are not actually broken...

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