Monday, August 27, 2012

Tour Is A Four Letter Word World Tour in KL

There aren't many musicians I'd pay to watch live (friends who are musicians don't count - I believe in supporting friends, and somewhat believe in supporting local performing arts). Sarah Brightman, definitely. Josh Groban, if only he'll come! Jason Mraz. Ah, Jason Mraz - the man who sounds better live than on records. There aren't many like that. 

The concert was on 19th June (Mee Mee's birthday!), and yes, I realise it's almost the end of August now. Mine isn't the most diligently updated blog, I know. Reader, if you want to skip this yesterday's-news post, I'd totally understand.

Still here, Reader? Well, you must remember the time I went for Jason Mraz's concert in 2009 - I went fully resolved not to scream, and came back hoarse from having screamed too hard and too much. Lesson learned. This time, I didn't even bother to try. Goodness knows I need self-control (a lot of it) in many aspects of my life, so no, I don't need it when I'm at a concert, especially not at Jason Mraz's.

I was about an hour early so there was no queue and not too large a crowd when I entered the stadium. I had numbered seats too. I'd cleverly (or so I thought) chosen seats near the aisle thinking I'd get a clearer view of the stage if I didn't have a gazillion rows of people directly in front of me. Theoretically, I know I was right, but practically, I got this -

I tried to talk the ushers into removing the divider gate thingy once the concert begins, but well, they didn't even want to speak to me. I conspired with another concert-goer, who had the seat next to mine, to move it aside ourselves when it got dark and the lights went out. He gleefully agreed. But no, we didn't do it. Part of the reason - the moment Jason got on stage, after waiting a while for the deafening screams to mellow (but no, they didn't, so he shouted right over them... he had the amps, though, so it was fine), greeting everyone and telling how the humidity was making his hair big (it really was pretty big and unruly, and he wasn't wearing his hat... yet), he invited all of us to get on our feet. So, of course we did! I'm not tall, but being on my feet, my view was no longer blocked by the offending gate thingy. Later in the evening, I figured I could actually put it to good use -

I know I'm accident-prone, and was absolutely asking for trouble pulling stunts like that, but I managed it well. Came out unhurt. Must be all the yoga and climbing, eh? *Ahem!*

The concert was more than awesome! I can't, obviously, remember the exact setlist (this'll teach me, to procrastinate this long to write a post), but I remember there wasn't a single instant I wasn't enjoying myself. He performed most of the songs from his latest album, plus a whole bunch of older favourites. Each piece was accompanied by stunning visuals projected as the backdrop of the stage. The crowd was so alive, crazy, and exuding generous amounts positive energy all the way. We cheered. We danced and sang along on cue, and I was very near to tears at the beautiful A Beautiful Mess and Mr Curiosity

(My roomees and I were talking about how we find it hard to cry in front of people, no matter how angry or bitter we feel, but it seems I can always recall moments I get moved to tears - a beautiful song, a wistful tale, a heartbreaking scene, my bestfriend getting married...)

There were songs, other than those from Love Is Four Letter Word, that he didn't perform in his last concert in KL, including Mr Curiosity and Bella Luna. He accompanied himself on the keyboard for Mr Curiosity, saying it was a request so he hadn't practiced. But, it was perfect. Perfect! The concert lasted well over two hours (I think...!) including the several encores.

Pardon the lack of during-the-concert photos, Reader. Unlike some people who wouldn't stop taking photos and/or videos all throughout, I was more focused on enjoying each second. Each millisecond. Microsecond. Nanosecond... although I don't think I can discern a time period smaller than say, a third or fourth of a second... plus, it was really dark. Anyway, I took a shot shortly after he put on his hat, so I'd have something to remember the moment by. 

(That's him, projected on the screen... I don't suppose you can tell the "real" him on the stage at the right)

Oh, it's Monday already. Happy start-work-day, Reader! =)

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