Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Eyeball Poke

My computer's Desktop, as is probably common, is most of the time rather cluttered. I'm usually too lazy to be bothered but every now and then, when the icons obscure too much of my lovely wallpaper (a stunningly dramatic shot of an old olive tree against a darkening sky taken by JS, used with his permission. *click to see containing post*) I do clean up some. Sometimes, I come across forgotten photos.

Like this one:

I was making crochet eyeballs and the tucking in the ends of the yarn resembled poking them right in the middle. I found it hilarious enough to be preserved in pixels. I must have intended to post it somewhere but then usual procrastination must have pushed it out of my mind.

In case you're wondering, Reader, I was making a stuffed FSM. The acronym had always meant the Finite State Machine to me and it wasn't until these recent couple of years that I learned that it also stood for something very different. I find FSM cute, and I thought a crochet stuffed version would be adorable.

Isn't he? (yea, I'm a little - just a little, OK - narcissistic... thanks, Reader, for putting up with me =P)

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