Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pain Is My Constant Companion

I did not sleep well last night because I had a nagging pain in my right knee. Still do. The reason - I knocked it into stuff three times in the course of the day. Different furniture, same knee, same spot. I applied cold compression but it didn't help much. It still hurts. I expect it'll hurt for a couple more weeks, at least. What is worse is that this happened while the bruises I sustained on both knees from two weeks ago, when I slipped working out on a Swiss ball and landed on them on the hard marble floor, were barely gone.What is worse than worse, is that I am still "nursing" a pain in my left knee, which I suspect is accumulated from older furniture-accident injuries, and has been with me for at least two months now. That's just the knees. I will save you, Reader, from having to read all about the other sprains, strains, scrapes and bruises - all sustained from either climbing, yoga, or knocking into stuff.

The other day, I bumped my head into the opened boot of a car while loading stuff into it. It doesn't hurt now, but it did, rather badly, for a few hours ensuing. 

There isn't a staircase in my life that I've used and not fallen down on. It is quite amazing, in hindsight, that I've not gotten seriously hurt so far...

I guess that is the positive side of things. Despite living in constant presence of small injuries, I've not gotten seriously hurt so far. That's got to be good, right?


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