Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Pig

A while ago, I came across this "poster" someone made and put on social media.

It asserts that self-centered individuals behaving badly are referred to as pigs. Of course, this doesn't come as a surprise, as many people regularly use "pig" in name-calling those who are overweight and lazy, often extending to the unpleasant, mean, hateful etc.

I've always felt that it is a great insult to the pig. They're highly intelligent animals - just as, if not more than, dogs, so much so that they are one of the very few non-human species that understand mirrors and reflection, and can use that knowledge to locate food (click herehere). They likely are capable of complex emotions (here), make great pets to worthy people (here), and are almost always unbearably cute -

In short, I think it is a great insult to the pigs, to call selfish, mean, useless, horrible etc., people "pigs". It is, in fact, an insult to whatever animals anyone decides to call them as. There is a perfectly fitting term for such people - sampah masyarakat - translated, the scums of society. Use that! Stop associating the adorable piggies with despicable humans!

Calling someone a pig should be a term of endearment. Like -

Sweetheart, you are my pig. I want to hold you in my arms and protect you from the big bad hungry wolf! 

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