Monday, September 19, 2005

The 'Deitel's

This matter's been on my mind for some time now, and it's irritating me to the extent that I have to write something about it.

I listen to Mix FM and Light & Easy. Every morning and evening, when people are rushing to and back from work, these stations kindly, and appropriately provide traffic information, presuming that drivers can actually avoid congestions if they knew where they're happening (I don't mean to sneer at this, but look - the same jams happen at the same areas every day - don't tell me the drivers don't know that; if they can find better alternatives, they wouldn't all be there, making sure the same congestions happen at the same areas every day!) Anyway, the announcer who gives the half-hourly reports, every morning and evening, Mondays to Fridays, simply gets on my nerves!

First of all, she is so nasal! (that's irritating enough, but I won't put the blame on her for it). She slurs most of the time, but she must not have realised it, because if she had, she wouldn't speak so fast, such that you'd have to strain your ear drums and auditory nerves just to understand her. And since the whole traffic-condition-reporting stuff is sponsored by DHL (the delivery company), the announcer has to mention DHL several times per reporting session - and guess what, she never sounds like she's saying "DHL". Everytime, it sounds like "Deitel" to me.

"Deitel"! The only Deitels I know are the ones who write textbooks for
programming! I used only "Deitel & Deitel - C++ How to Program" and "Deitel & Deitel - Java How to Program", but they have a wide range of others - on Visual Basic, C#, XML, Perl, Python, the Internet and World Wide Web, E-Business and even Operating Systems. How "DHL" can sound like "Deitel" is impossible to fathom. When I first heard it, I thought I'd mistaken - but after so many times, I am quite sure it is no mistake of my brain interpretation! That woman! Argh~

Qualitative Research question for the day: Why do listeners put up with a nasal, slurring, mispronouncing radio announcer?

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