Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's Nice to Write

It's nice to write in a diary because

1. I get to use all the cute, multi-colored pens, and to use a different color for every subsequent entry ;) (I have a weak spot for cute stationery!)

2. I get to write on paper with printed background pictures, in soft, sickly-sweet hues. Extra-indulging diaries even have the pages scented, for extra writing enjoyment!

3. Free-hand sketches, anytime!

4. I can carry the diary around with me, anytime, anywhere - no broadband / high-speed internet connection necessary

5. No restrictions on pouring out my deepest, darkest secrets, my most evil thoughts and comments on people I don't like, and simply, whatever I please!

It's nice to write on a blog because

1. I can do it at work, so long as I have a few minutes to spare, and my boss is not looking (well, my boss is almost always not looking at me anyway *winks*)

2. Whenever I make a spelling error I wouldn't be caught dead making, I can press 'Backspace', so that there is absolutely NO TRACE of me having made the mistake!

3. I get to post photos along with entries!

4. Fingers don't tire so much typing, as compared to writing with a pen!

5. I get to share a piece of myself with family and friends, even those who are physically distanced from me. :)

Mostly, it's nice to write because I love to write. That's all.

Qualitative Research question for the day: Can writing be a form of therapy?

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