Sunday, March 11, 2007

Malaysia MEMANG Boleh

Excerpt from The Star today:

Survey: KL Courtesy level has risen

THE nation’s capital has redeemed itself in terms of courtesy level after a shocking readers' poll last year by Reader’s Digest which labelled Kuala Lumpur as the third rudest city in the world, Kosmo! reported.

The latest survey conducted by Canadian-based international rating agency found that Kuala Lumpur was the 33rd most polite city in the world.

New York topped the list, followed closely by Zurich and Toronto. The first of its kind, the study involved 35 cities and was done in collaboration with the United Nations and the US Central Intelligence Agency.

However, the capitals of several Malaysia neighbours fared better.

Manila stood at 22nd place while Bangkok was placed 25th, followed by Jakarta, Indonesia (27th) and Singapore (31st). Kuala Lumpur, however, beat Bucharest and Mumbai.

Ranked 33rd most polite out of 35 surveyed == 3rd rudest la! (which, in fact, means this recent survey only confirmed the credibility of Reader's Digest's poll last year...) And they are sooo proud still!


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