Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Disgusting Men

My friends and I walked into this foodcourt and ... there he was, sitting at a table with his man-friends, apparently having finished their meal. They were chatting casually, and he was sitting easily, slouching, one leg crossed over the other - one bare foot on top of his other knee. His hands were on his foot, nicely picking or plucking (or whatever the term is) his toes with his fingers. You probably can imagine the level of disgust I felt, without me having to describe how sooty and dirty his feet looked, or how his fingers moved in and between each toe, like he's trying to scratch or scrap whatever out. Ugh! It took a lot of will power to sit still, order and have lunch like we intended.

I had just finished my meal, and was nicely relaxing, sipping my tea, when I heard one of the teenagers seated at the next table announced, very audibly, that he was full. To emphasize, or prove his words, he slouched the maximum he could on the chair, pulled the front of his shirt up all the way to his chest, exposed his rounded belly, and began rubbing it with his hand, while going "Aaaahhhhhhh". He actually kept it up for a couple of minutes, shamefully revolting and irritating as it was. Ughh! Of course, his friend didn't share my opinion - they laughed and enjoyed his tummy-rubbings as though it were the most endearing act one could pull in a public restaurant.

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