Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reality Online

I saw this ad on Bee Ree's blog, and knowing that she earns a certain amount if I clicked it, I did. It brought me to the page - Malaysian Dreamgirl - which is a model search reality program, run entirely online (but public voting for the winner is carried out through SMS... because voting online cannot earn the organizers money. Duh!).

The site is calling for girls to attend the auditions on Feb 16 and 17, and behold - the requirements for this:

"You are welcome to audition so long as you are a Malaysian female between 18 to 28 years of age from any race. You should also not be professional model, TV or movie artiste."

Just that? No minimum height requirements nor maximum weight limit. No mention of possessing favourable looks and personalities whatsoever. No mention of marital status requirements either. This is just great! I qualify for this! I should go for it since it will be an experience of a lifetime! If I'm lucky to get through it, I can even get a taste of a model's life and if my luck doesn't run out, I'll be famous! Wait, what is this? Under "terms and conditions":

"The Contest is open to female citizens of Malaysia between 18 and 28 years of age in the year 2008, except for full-time employees of Capxion Media."

GAH! I am too old! Don't mind me then. Are there any of you out there who think you are too short / fat / ugly / grumpy to be a model? What are you thinking?! The only requirement is to be between 18 & 28 yrs old - so go and audition! :P

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