Saturday, June 14, 2008


I do not understand why some men are such cowards. You wanted out of a relationship? Say it! What are you afraid of? Or perhaps ashamed of? You do not dare to say it in person - you write a letter, you send an email, or you send an SMS - bad enough. But to not say it at all? To just evade and avoid, and to keep silent when confronted - simply despicable! No doubt, some girls are tough enough to take that kind of trash behaviour, but most simply cannot accept it! This is especially true for first loves. We girls take first loves very seriously, and we really love to the greatest degree possible. We do not deserve to be treated like dirt - to be discarded casually without any more than a blink of the eye. Where are your guts? Your balls? You don't have any?!

Her love was true and pure, and you know it. You have been with her long enough to know just how innocent she was in this matter of the heart. You knew she'd long built castles in the air, thinking of growing old with you. She loved you with all her heart and you let it all slip the moment another girl cast eyes on you. Are you so weak that you have absolutely no self-control? No will power? No honour? So you actually think with your reproductive organs? I'd always thought that was just a myth. I suppose I ought to thank you for proving to humanity that whatever's at your groin can actually take over the functions of whatever's in your skull. Offspring of a female canine!

She loved you so much so that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with you. And what do you give her in return? A load of your self-insufficiencies! You are insecure about yourself and you make her pay the price. You refused to paint her the future she dreamed of, refused even to talk about it or let her know why. Do you seriously think that she could, and would wait for you indefinitely? That she would be content to just be, without being given any reasons, while you sort out your pathetic self and work on improving your miserable existence? You must have been born without a brain. You'd only effectively wrought permanent hurt in her heart, you lowlife scum! Anus!

She loved you deeply and you hardly appreciate it. You go about your frivolous life, expecting her to be there always, waiting. You expect her to cater to your every childish whim while you would not even try to understand her - her feelings, her needs. She gave you her heart, and you threw carelessly around, trampled on it. You are not a man - of that I am convinced. I should think a true man cannot stand to see a girl cry, what more the girl he purportedly loves. And yet, you thrive on her sorrow, her misery, her tears! Heartless, callous, insufferable - you are truly a copulating offspring of a female canine!

Did you think that was harsh? Well, that's what you get for hurting the people I love! Scumbags, all of you! I have nothing else to say!


Anonymous said...

Some men are just disgrace to the men folks. These "scumbags" should be owe up and be real man for once.

Anonymous said...

Some men who doesn't have balls should be castrated since it's not functioning.

*evil laugh*



they give men bad names....

Anonymous said...

even after castrating them and dumping them into the stinkiest garbage dump forever is being too good to them!

neil said...

Thank you, Anons & Polar Bear

cher-ry said...

so look with your eyes when searching for "the one". Make sure he has got balls and it's intact + functioning in both ways.

if men think with their reproductive organ, then GOD should have put it up on their head and not where it's hidden now.

Hmmm....trying to imagine the look.