Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Obnoxious

I refer to those who are so proud of talents or achievements they may, or imagined, they have, that they go about engorged in conceit and self-importance; those who think so highly of themselves that they place the whole world below them, who would not be seen walking around without their mighty noses in the air, who deem it beneath them to even spare a glance for someone not up to their station in life, which is practically everyone else; those who take it that they ought to be unconditionally worshipped for their beauty or intelligence.

I refer to such. These are people who do not understand that the likes of me - that is, the general population sufficiently sensible - much prefer humility and genuine niceness to unparalleled gorgeousness or genius. I do not care a whit for arrogance, neither do I appreciate snobbery. They may be of all the qualities they, or they think, are, but if they have not basic manners, politeness and courtesy, they are not worthy of my respect. If in mood, I would perhaps strive a little to hide my contempt, but otherwise...

If reading this makes you feel that I have written it because I am jealous of them I wrote about, kindly take a moment to think about what makes you assume that I don't measure up to them. I hope you are not one of them.

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