Saturday, November 28, 2009


It is not customary for me to write about a movie unless I feel really strongly about it, favourably or otherwise. It's the otherwise for this one, unfortunately.

I hadn't planned to catch this one in the cinema, really. What I really want to watch is New Moon (yes, Reader, I know you probably have 1001 rotten things to say about New Moon etc.; I have read the book and read this post, but I still want to watch the movie). However, my mother asked to be taken for 2012. Somehow, a group of her friends got really caught up in it, kept talking about it, and she didn't want to be left ignorant. So, I arranged the movie outing.

No doubt, the CGIs, special effects etc. were impressive. I had expected those elements to be spectacular and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, the crumbling buildings and volcanic eruptions were so grandly portrayed they made me sick. Sick as in feeling nauseous - the kind I get when vast, realistic images move too much and too quickly in my sight. That's the great part, really.

The not so great one: Right from the first chain of disasters, you'd know he's the superhero in human form who will to make close call after close call, survive near-death after near-death incidents to single-handedly save the day at the end. Oops.

Other not so great things: Well, there are a few things I find not credible in the least - but one spoiler per post should be enough now. I should stop writing now.


OK, I will.

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