Friday, November 13, 2009

Stage Debut

It was the stage debut for Rhythmic Roots, but hardly for any of those who were on stage. There were more audience that I'd expected in the theatre - it was, after all, a week night. Given a choice, I myself wouldn't had gone for a Thursday night anything if I had to work on Friday. The turnout was a pleasant surprise, though I suppose many of those there were friends and relatives of the performers. Still, it was grand.

The performers on stage were exuding vibrant energy like I'd never experienced in any of the many, many rehearsals we'd had. It might had something to do with the show being the first, and the actual presence of an audience. I don't personally know how nervous anyone might had been, because no one really sounded like he/she was nervous. Excited, yes, but otherwise, just like their normal selves.

I myself had a couple of friends in the audience. I wouldn't had spotted them from stage, if not for the fact that I had bought the tickets on their behalf, and therefore, roughly knew where to look, and the fact that one of them is a HUGE fella. I'd anticipated the joy and gratitude I'd feel at meeting them after the show, but what rushed over me was much more than I'd imagined. My friend, whom I hadn't met in more than ten years, said she was shocked - she hadn't expected a show quite so awesome. I would had interpreted the comment as her being really generous and polite, had not for her looking utterly awe-struck (I mean, if she could really had faked that look on her face so perfectly, Mr Director would love to meet her!) I would had gladly be thankful as long as she didn't find it boring - but that she found the show awesome? Awesome!

So, one down, four more to go!

11.34pm edit:
Two down, three more to go!

14th Nov, 11.59pm edit:
Four down, one more to go!


Anonymous said...

Well maybe I am not that big leh, hahaha!

cher-ry said...

nee lee got more pics?

neil said...

Bee Ree - None of the actual performances, I'm afraid, since all of us were performing. You might have to ask those who caught the shows :)