Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being Neighbourly

I heard my neighbour was installing grills in his unit. I heard, literally - the tremendously loud drilling and knocking early mornings, several days in a row. It was the faithful wake-up call which did not fail to greet me the past few mornings I wasn't working, and could sleep in. I also heard that he liked work done only in the early mornings because after an hour or so from the first drilling, the noise would cease altogether, and I won't hear anything for the rest of the day. Grand way to get to know one's neighbour's likes and dislikes with regards to grill-installations.

I also heard another neighbour supports child freedom and child's freedom of expressions. Every so often I'd hear his children running around free of adult supervision; laughing, crying, shrieking all their might, as much as they please. I'd hear it too, when his friends and their children drop by for visits. Lovely children, no doubt. Unfortunately, they are more often heard than seen, which isn't exactly the way I like children to be.

At times, I wonder if I ought to let my neighbours know more of me too. I'd love to let them know what kind of music I like. I really wouldn't mind sharing, especially Sarah Brightman's lush, magnificent music - but especially pieces that showcase her astounding vocal range and prowess. How about that new Josh Groban's Awake Live DVD that I got recently? Live concerts are always exciting because of the abundance of cheers and applause. Oh, and Jason Mraz's Beautiful Mess Live on Earth too - great songs, resounding with thousands upon thousands of screaming fans! It's also been quite a while since I had a fill of Phantom of the Opera. I'm feeling rather generous right now...

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