Sunday, February 28, 2010


Traffic was slow; I was sluggish, lethargic; a sudden, unexpected flitting object falling to the road directly in front of my car caught my eyes. I forced myself to focus. Some IQ-deficit, irresponsible occupants in the car in front just flung something out of the window. Blatant littering in broad daylight! I could not believe my eyes! Was I seeing things due to not having rested enough the night before? Was it all a figment of my imagination? How could it be possible that there are still people so indifferent? People are moving towards conservation and recycling big time - owing in parts to the "publicity stunt" that Earth Hour was - and I still see this? We're talking about carrying our own water bottles, buying food in reusable containers, bringing shopping bags when shopping, turning the water off in the shower when shampooing / lathering, reusing laundry water to flush the toilet... and I still see this?!

There I was, standing, balancing my shopping bag bursting and incredibly heavy with cartons of low-fat milk and soy-milk, and bottles of shower foam and body lotion, on one foot (for it weighed way too much for a single shoulder to shoulder, and the floor didn't look clean enough) waiting for my waffles. Out of nowhere, an unruly bunch of kids (I usually refrain from referring to children as kids because kids are baby goats, but this bunch were really full of butts anyway, so...). They wanted snacks, and they wanted different types of snacks. They were running in circles, pulling at each other, pushing at and around each other, bickering, squealing, shrieking, and threatening to throw me and my precariously perched shopping bag off-balance. And for heaven's sake where was their mother? I looked around and saw her standing a couple of meters away, barking out orders. She had in her hands a trolley full of plastic bags of groceries and a tiny toddler, barely a year old, in the child's seat. She screamed and ordered her children to leave, and proceeded to walk out of the hypermarket. The kids tumbled after her, some dragging their feet, one dragging a younger sibling, some whining, some crying - all FIVE of them. I will never be able to comprehend a mother who has SIX very young children, all looking just a year apart, who dared take the entire brood out shopping, without her man to help herd his young. It is absolutely her right to do so, and it is absolutely absurd!

The dress is red - a bold, bright, Chinese New Year red - and it was hanging there in front of my bookcase, right under my nose! I had been waiting for the chance to return it to Bee Ree for ages now, and today was the day - and I left home without it! I remembered to take the tiny paper bag containing the wrong-size knitted baby blanket, half-hidden in a corner, but I missed that bright red dress glaring at me! Just what was the matter with me?! Is it sleep-deprivation? Is it really? Fine! I'll go to sleep!



cher-ry said...

just make sure no spider webs grow on that dress :P

neil said...

OK :(