Monday, March 15, 2010

In Eager Anticipation

The first incident happened exactly a week ago (read about it). We are all such Internet-dependent creatures that we can almost reliably determine one's usual well-being by one's being online at the usual times, on the usual days. This consistency is such that when I went away for a 4-day vacation (and was therefore, offline) without informing the world, I got frantic messages awaiting me when I got home. "Are you OK? I didn't see you online and couldn't call you!" It happened on more than one occasion of vacation.

So, reader, you would understand why, when (then, 37-, and now) 38-week pregnant Mee Mee did not appear online by nearly 10am last Monday, I raised alarm. Yes, so I messaged Bee Ree and made her panic as well. So I sent a message to Mee Mee's mobile; so I messaged Teofu several times till he replied. No, she wasn't in labour; just the regular check-up.

The second incident took place last week too - one or two days after the first. When she did not appear online by the time she usually does, I messaged Bee Ree again. She advised me to stay cool. I tried, but was utterly unable to fight the urge to message Teofu. Before the hour was over, I'd done it again. And no, the baby wasn't on the way to greet the world; just that her car's battery went flat and she had to get someone to fix it before she could get to work.

This morning, at a little past 10am, I noticed her absence amongst the online regulars. Perhaps it was due to other things weighing on my mind, but it didn't occur to me to panic right there and then. At 11am, Teofu messaged me: "No, she not yet beranak!"

I hadn't even asked...

Yes, I know I ought to be ashamed. I need to calm down. Calm down, calm down.........

beranak = give birth

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