Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prostitutes and Suckling Pigs

We were discussing men's seemingly uncontrollable addiction to flings with women not their own. We were talking about how common it is that men have the insatiable need to flirt and/or sleep with whoever they could cajole, or coerce, or pay into giving in. What we cannot determine is the reason. For the still single, we could understand, but for those with girlfriends or wives, we could not.

It is the abundant demand that drives the supply, said one, with regards to prostitution. "It is like sharks' fin..."

"This mere mention of sharks' fin is going to exasperate neil" said the other one. She said I'll wonder why I can resist sharks' fin, but men cannot resist prostitutes.

Well, yes, I agreed. Perhaps, I said, that prostitutes are to men like the crispy roasted suckling pig is to me - I can't resist suckling pigs either. They're so tasty!

"I don't think prostitutes are as tasty," one said. "What a wrong analogy!"

"Then what is a better?" asked the other one.

"Men just love to have fun. Sleeping with a woman not the wife gives them excitement."

I said I think it's the engaging in the "forbidden" that gives them that unsurpassed fun factor. "It's like stealing that mango in Melaka! Wait till it's dark, creep up to the tree, reach out to the biggest fruit, then pluck and run! Now compare that to simply buying a mango..."

Yes, she said, stealing mangoes is exciting. I smelled sarcasm. She went on, "But you don't get AIDS from stealing mangoes; you don't get offspring from stealing mangoes; and you don't wreck marriages by stealing mangoes."


"Though I still think mango-stealing is fun :P"

"Fine. It's like if you eat home-cooked food everyday, once in a while you'd want KFC..."

"So what if I want KFC everyday? Does that mean I always prefer men outside?"

"Yeah, and you don't care about your escalating cholesterol level."

OK, I get it. I need to stop giving bad analogies.


Joo said...

mmmmm pros-....I mean suckling pigs

Anonymous said...

Well, look at Jack Neo, still the same thing....

But there always a saying, don't shit where you are going to eat...