Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Crackpot

As I become more experienced as a blogger, I have come to refrain from blatantly bashing people up on my blog (because it is extremely childish) - but then, some people truly deserve it. And the truly deserving are sometimes worth putting aside civility and good manners for. So, pardon my being immature this once.

I was never in any way acquainted with Mr Crackpot prior to the first message he sent me, through our beloved social-networking site, which name I needn't mention. In that message he took liberty to introduce his choir and said he hoped I'd enjoy watching their video clips on their website. A sudden, unwarranted and slightly-crazy message as such, sent by a total stranger, I usually would simply ignore. However, I discovered that Mr Crackpot was somewhat associated with some of the "top" people in YKLS, including our musical director, and so I decided I shouldn't be rude. I decided to be nice and polite, and responded to his message in a nice and polite manner. Have I ever said this, reader, that being nice almost always never get you good rewards? Being nice, patient, understanding etc., means you put yourself out there to be taken advantage of, to be trashed and bullied by the mean and selfish - but I mustn't stray from the main point of this post.

So, I wrote a nice reply thanking him for his message, and said that I was aware of, but did not manage to attend their last production (which in truth, I really was aware of, and was asked by my roomee to join her for it) because it was just prior to YKLS's Rhythmic Roots, during which rehearsal schedules were overwhelming. I don't know how it was possible, but think I somehow offended him by that statement. His next message attempted to put me down in my place by telling me that if I thought our schedule was overwhelming, I should see their rehearsals. He said I should have seen their last production because it was a "full length dramatic musical" (his very words!) that YKLS don't attempt. He also told me to make sure I catch their then-upcoming production.

Well, well! Where did that come from? I mean, really? Was it just poor choice of words or what? At that point in time, I mentally composed at least half a dozen immensely rude and sarcastic replies I could have sent. Alas - I didn't. I only wrote that I didn't know why he needed to compare his choir and mine, and that I appreciate his informing me of their then-upcoming show. And then he said - are you prepared for this? -

"No comparison meant. Just an unsolicited comment made to us by another YKLS member about our rehearsals..thats all."

Speechless? Dumbfounded? Stupefied? I was a little of each when I read that too. At that point, I actually really wanted to compose a long and extremely rude message to him - no point trying to be nice still, when faced with such irrationality! But I couldn't - that copulating anus blocked me! He actually blocked me, so I could no longer send him messages, and could in no way retaliate!

Do you, reader, have the slightest idea what that felt like? Picture this - you're walking along a road, minding your own business, living your own life; someone approaches you, pretends to be friendly, talks to you; suddenly, that someone turns hostile, insults you, then accuses you of insulting him, and runs off before you even knew what was going on. If there is one thing I hate more than an unfair accusation, it is this kind of completely uncalled-for, unprovoked unfair accusation.

So, does Mr Crackpot think he is safe from my wrath now that he's blocked me? Think again, Crackpot, think again. *evil laugh*


Jyan said...

The fact you devoted a whole post to him shows how much he got to you.

I feel the best way to deal with crackpots is just to write them off your life. No point spending more time and grief mulling over what has already happened. Just treat him like he doesn't exist and forget the unpleasant incident entirely. I'm sure you'll be off happier.

neil said...

Thanks for the advice, Jyan. I've been told the same by others countless times before. However, NOT letting the mean and the unworthy get to me is still a skill I'm trying to master.

I try my best, but sometimes, this undisciplined heart obstinately chooses to fret, fume or wallow...

For the record, I'm no longer affected by this crackpot - no doubt, revenge would be sweet, but I'm a better person than that :P