Monday, June 28, 2010

She's Hot

I stumbled across this piece which says that Sarah Brightman is hot, and why. Pages sometimes disappear from the web after I've posted links to them, so here's a copy-and-paste of the text:

Why She’s Hot:

1. The Phantom of the Opera was written for her. No, not just the part of Christine, but the whole entire show. How great of a person do you think she is if the greatest love story of all time was written in musical form and dedicated exclusively to her?

Why, yes! Absolutely! She was his muse. The (arguably) greatest musical of all times was inspired by her. How many people do you know have music written for them? Or even a poem? I've never had anything written for me - not even a 2-line rhyme!

2. While most celebrities butcher their entire bodies to age beautifully (and fail to do so), Sarah never had it on her face. For the most part, she let nature take its course.

And I read somewhere that she takes care of herself by eating healthy stuff and running 6 miles a day... (6 miles?! Is it possible? If it isn't, maybe I remembered that wrongly... )

3. Have you heard this woman sing? And guys, half the time she’s singing, she’s half-naked. And its obvious she loves to be naked. Or at least partially. Who are we to complain either way? Older women are hot.

I've always stuck to the opinion that being as talented as she is, she has no need to be that under-clothed. However, if she wants to be (half-) naked and looks so good being so, I have no complaints. None whatsoever! :P

4. Her eyes. Have you seen them? They’ll hypnotize you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy.


5. Though her first movie may have her looking strange through most of it, hearing her sing with a close up of her extremely kissable lips makes it all worth it, even if her story is a little gory.

Ah yes - Repo! The Genetic Opera - I haven't watched this because it is a little too gory for me (and it has Paris Hilton in it... ugh!), but I guess I could try to skip to all the Sarah-singing-parts...

Yup, she is hot! =)


Odin Cards said...

Alright I'll write you a haiku:

Ahem! is the blog
Author's witty and pretty
I present...Nee Lee


Chin Aik said...

a most lovely haiku

neil said...

Awww... thanks, Joo :)