Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Excerpt

Bee Ree was showing us some applications on her new iPad.

Recently, it's been the world of Apple around us. Mee Mee got herself an iPhone, and then, Bee Ree got herself an iPad. When emails were exchanged, half of them ended with "Sent from my iPhone" or "Sent from my iPad". Not wanting to feel left out, I manually ended my replies with "Sent from my Office PC". I didn't think it was that fresh or funny then.

So, Bee Ree showed us her organizer app. She demonstrated how she creates new entries and adds to-do tasks. She created a new entry.

"So here, I type Shell Shell; under that entry it's Wedding, and the tasks - buy gift, buy new dress..."

Mee Mee was so impressed!

"Wow! Buy a new dress! I'll need it too! Can you sync that to my iPhone???"

I didn't know if Bee Ree was in earnest or in jest -

"Can, can!"

I pouted. "Too bad you can't sync it to my Office PC as well..."

Shell Shell, who was having some cake, snorted, almost choked, and had to cover her mouth to keep the half-chewed food from spurting out. For a while, she strained to contain her laughter from bursting forth full-forced; when calm, she glared at me.

"Please watch what you're saying! Do you want history to repeat itself?!"

Once upon a time, we lived together, all of us. Once, we were hanging out in the living room, and I happened to blurt out a comment so crazy that Shell Shell, who was drinking at the time, had such as hard time containing her laughter she had to RUN OUT of the house to spit the water out.

"Do you want to make me run out of this place and spit my food out?!"

"No, no. Sorry... I'll try not to do that again. Hee hee....."

"OK, OK, let's play a game on the iPad now, shall we?"

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CHER-RY said...

Waaahhh can see Shell Shell's diamond ring :)))))))))

neil said...

BIG rock :P

michelle said...

just a stone gals...