Monday, July 12, 2010

Selected Tales

Someone once told me (right, probably not told me told me, but he definitely said it) that Charles Dickens is overrated. It doesn't matter - I still like him. I don't know how literature scholars "rate" authors and their works, but to me, written pieces are a lot like musical pieces - there is music I like, and music I don't like. There is writing I like, and writing I don't like.

His writing, I like. Simple.

I remember a short story I'd first read in my teens - A Child's Dream of a Star (the full text for those who will) - which moved me quite a bit. It isn't one of the selected ones for this compilation. There are over 50 stories in the volume and the one I wanted most isn't there.

I wonder - do I want it so badly because it is indeed the worthiest, or do I want it simply because it's not in mine?

Either way, I love you; I'm going to hug you to sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

you hugged another book to sleep? the one beside your bed feels so neglected

Anonymous said...

It takes two to tango. To claim his hand as yours tells it all