Monday, October 4, 2010

Being Girly

So, I'd decided the kind of pouch I'd want for my phone. I'd decided the printed design must be simple, and I do not want letters or cute stuff on it. No brand names and no silly words or grammatically-wrong phrases; no cute kitties/doggies/piggies etc., and no furballs/feathers/bling-blings either.

I looked at the lot of them there. I skipped the entire "cute" section, and focused only on the relatively-bland. All the brightly-coloured ones have at least the brand name visible on the front! I looked at one; I looked at another, and another. I couldn't decide. The only ones without letterings were a (very) dull grey-green with several dull horizontal lines across it, and a sleek black one with a red and yellow stripes at the top.

I picked up the black one. The reds and yellows were practically screaming at me.

"What do you think?"

"I would choose a bright colour, if I were you"

I would too, if they didn't have the brand printed all over them. I absolutely abhor "wearing" names. I held the black one in my hand still.

"It looks very manly. Come on, you're a girl! You should choose something that is more girly!"

Oh, she is so right. After all, I really do like the bright red ones. So, she helped me picked one on which the words were not too obvious, and there! My phone is no longer without its very own smart-looking pouch!

Last week, Bee Ree asked that I write about my phone. Well, I would, really! I would want to write all about how incredibly amazing it is - all the wonderful things it can do thanks to a host of brilliant programmers who filled the Market with truly awesome applications, and how by carefully choosing the best of these to have on it makes it almost smarter than I am...

However, to be consistent with the theme of this post, the appropriate bimbo-ish thing to do is simply posting a photo of the actual device. I am not pretty enough to be a bimbo, so here's my Teddy posing with it:

Bee Ree, you like?

Well, truth is, I'm not trying to be girly. I'm just too lazy to like, really write... =P


CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee u should just customised one pouch and knit it!!!!

that would be the ultimate pouch WITHOUT any brand :D

neil said...

Got time to knit also knit something for adorable babies la, right? :P

§nóflèk said...

wow you finally got your android... and i'm er.. maybe halfway there? for some reason i'm still in a dilemma btw iphone, bb & htc.. but then now that nokie is trying to catch up on the smartphone market, they hv pretty interesting ones just launched too.... *gah* choices!

neil said...

Sno, let's find a concert to attend, and you can take a closer look at my phone. Maybe it'll help you make up your mind =)

§nóflèk said...

in the meantime, can i ask for a favour to do a little experiment on your android? one of the reasons i'm upgrading is do be able to do more things online, which includes listening to podcasts such as these : pls try any of the "play" buttons in red?