Sunday, October 17, 2010


You think me evil, don't you? You see yourself the perpetual helpless victim wronged by me in every sense imaginable. You play the mistreated, the oppressed, the hurt, and name me the vicious one before the world. You deliberately misled all your readers when you wrote that very nasty post about me. Do you think the fact that I did not object or retaliate automatically makes your unjust, baseless accusations valid? I have had enough! I will be silent and impassive no more!

So, you like calling me evil, don't you? To make an honest woman out of you, I shall be evil! I'll start with your little friend -

I don't care how cute you are - submit to me!

Submit to me, all of you!

What is this I see? So, you've got yourself an impressive new toy, haven't you? Did you not claim that I seized your laptop and declared it mine? Well, so I shall! This, too, is mine now.

Mine, mine, mine!

Yes, you should be afraid. Be very, very afraid!

*evil laugh*


Constantine Fluxx said...

finally got your android i see. galaxy s?

neil said...

Just lost it to the evil one... didn't you read what she wrote?
(the answer to your question: yes)