Monday, December 13, 2010

Awful Songs

On the way back from dinner, I heard on the radio, an a cappella version of a well-known, well-loved song. Perhaps I haven't learned to appreciate this particular kind of music, but I found it really terrible - the vocals on the melody were boring, and the background singing of bah-dum-dum-dummms were sort of too much, kind of messy, and rather noisy. It is pretty incredible how this group of people managed to make a song bland and over-done at the same time. At the end of it, the DJ came on and said something along the lines of "... an amazing rendition of ..."

That was sooo far from amazing, I complained. Was she trying too hard to be politically-correct, polite, and/or courteous, or was she plain *ahem*... non-clever?

He laughed.

No, seriously, I insisted. If I had a radio station, I'd play all the awful songs there are out there, then have the DJs explain which aspects are bad, and why.

Still laughing, he said, in that case, no record labels would want me to play anything from them.

Then, I said, keeping themselves from getting airtime on my station ought to be strong motivation for them to release only the good stuff!

At that instant, the songs gave way to a commercial break.

An idea dawned to me! On my station, I said, I'd have commercials that tell listeners which products are bad, so the consumers can stop buying them! I'd also tell which products' official commercials are sneakily, deliberately misleading and why.

He laughed again.

What's so funny? Hmmmph!

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