Sunday, December 19, 2010

Story of the Candy Canes

A Christmas gathering wouldn't be Chrismassy enough without them, so there were plentiful. Though I am not exactly a candy person, I can never resist when someone hands me one. So, there we were - food and candy canes aplenty.

"The very design of this candy has meaning," he who is knowledgeable said. He went on to explain that its shape looks like the staff of the shepherd, representing the Lord being mankind's shepherd. The thick red strip represents the blood of Jesus on the cross while the thin ones the whipping He endured. Even the flavour of the candy - mint - meant something.

We were quite impressed, for never before had we known that the simple festive treat could carry in it such profound symbols of Christianity.

"I thought they were just for fun," she said.

"No," he smiled, "This red one isn't. Now, this green and red one is just for fun."

And he laughed.

This post would have ended beautifully here, but I had to find out that had labeled this claim as false. Bummer.

Regardless, I think they're lovely and very becoming of this season they're a part of. After all, they're pretty, and they're sweet -

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