Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Woeful Wednesday

When bad things happen, they happen all at the same time...

When Bad Thing #1 happened, I was so affected that when someone laughed, I made him take back the laugh! And mind you, he wasn't laughing at me - he was just laughing - like, just laughing. Poor fella.

When Bad Thing #2 happened, my seething rage was so overwhelming it took a lot of effort to remain calm, be professional and contain my contempt. I consider it a triumph that I managed to keep control.

Then, Bad Thing #3, which I feel I could reveal here, happened. My water tumbler had cracked near the cover, and I know not how or when. I lay it down on the front passenger seat in my car on the way home and the next thing I knew, it had leaked so much the seat was all wet. All wet! On top of all the previous bad things! Too damn much! I sent a message to Roomee. I wailed about the whole thing and lamented that I have no idea how to deal with the soggy mess.

She replied:

"Take a dry towel and put it on your wet seat, then sit on it until your butt is all wet."

Thank you, Roomee, for making me laugh. You made this horrible day bearable just by being a small part of it! =)

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