Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Will Protect You

Am badly in need of amusement (yes, writing is amusement to me); and I thought - why not amuse everyone else as well? So here's a story - true story, of course:

It was unusually crowded on the train - given the hour and the direction I was heading. People were pushing against each other, there were barely enough room to stand properly and most passengers were struggling to hang on to their belongings while vying for whatever little space they could get their hands on on the nearest rails, handles or poles. Inactivity - for being caught in such a distasteful circumstance one is effectively incapacitated for pretty much everything - I would usually resort to observing people around me. However, I was feeling so rotten that day I didn't even want to look up. I kept thinking how I would never, NEVER again suffer myself through such journey. EVER again! My sour mood encouraged the angry thoughts which further fed the sourness and I was just silently fuming and enduring and ...

"Ba careful with your chest!"

Someone's voice, raised well above the regular irritating noise generated by idle conversations, caught my attention. Now, the warning itself isn't odd, for it is common knowledge that ladies should all take good care of their chests (and necks, butts, thighs, etc.) in crowded places because... well, because men are stinking, sneaky creatures, so... you know. Out of curiosity, I looked at the source of that warning and saw two young girls. One of them was holding the other's breasts! No, Reader, you did not misread the last sentence. One of the girls was actually cupping the breasts of her friend, albeit in a protective manner, while narrowing her eyes at the men crowded around them.

Now, I have always believed in standing by and protecting my friends, but I must admit I was rather shocked. I've never imagined one could violate one's girlfriend in order to protect her from being violated, and the girlfriend didn't mind one bit! Incredible! I must've stared at the two of them for quite a while. Although it didn't make the rest of the journey more pleasant, it was at least a welcome distraction.

End of story. Sigh... not as amusing as I hoped it'd be for me. Hope it was better for you.

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