Friday, April 8, 2011

Men At Gym

There are, understandably, more men than women at the gym. There are of course the very fit girls who go just to run on treadmills, girls who fill up the yoga, pilates and whatnot classes, and that Aunty who looks more masculine than some men I know (come to think of it, I haven't seen her for quite a while). Nevertheless, the ladies are definitely outnumbered by the (gentle)men, especially at the weight-lifting / pushing / pulling machines. That is my very misfortune, for I really dislike the men.

I dislike that some of them are loud and obnoxious. Do they imagine their grunts and groans manifest manliness or machoness? Deluded! In reality, noise accompanying workout is simply irritating. I dislike that some, while lifting weight, would steal glances at individuals around them, as if to see if anyone's admiring their strength. I dislike that they hog the machines that I want to use, and dislike the way they look at me when I'm occupying one they want to hog. I dislike that they are awfully smelly, and dislike it when they go swaggering all around me, gulping down their protein drinks, their insipid conversations ringing annoyingly near my ears. I totally dislike them! All of them - except for the good-looking fitness instructor. *ahem*

Now, I wonder if the gym-hitting men blog. If they do, Reader, you'd probably be able to find, somewhere out there, a post about this unpleasant puny girl hogging the huge machines to pull her puny 25kg-weights, constantly scowling and incessantly exuding sourness. You'd probably read about how her eyes are always roaming, looking at who's doing what, who's checking others out, and then narrowing and rolling them in turns. You'd probably read about how much she's disliked.

Suppose the men dislike me as much as I dislike them. Suppose they couldn't stand the sight of me any more than I could stand them being there. Oh, well. Even so, we could, I think, very well co-exist in the gym, in our mutual disliking, as long as we don't act upon it. Or I could stop disliking every little thing...

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