Saturday, May 21, 2011

Romantic Men In Literature

Say, Mr Darcy. How many girls do you know who swoon over this character? Let's not talk about those who don't read, or who don't read Jane Austen. How many do you know, who'd read Pride and Prejudice, and didn't go gaga over Darcy?

What about Charlotte Brontë's Mr Rochester? How many do you know, who'd read Jane Eyre, and not fell in love with him? I myself am in love with Mr Rochester. I want to be loved by someone like him - with a lunatic wife or not, as long as she's kept out of my way (right, that's not exactly true... just the hour messing up my logic, reason and coherence).

So, what is common between these two characters, that we like so much? I'll tell you what - they're both created by female writers. Yes, they are men as we'd really like them to be, as we'd truly want them to be. Real men are not like that. Real men, even the "best" ones, are a far cry from these ideal make-up of what women really want. Too bad for us.

Now, I am going to rest my head upon my pillow. When I do that, will sleep come to me? Will this mind consent to relax and spare me this unrelenting consciousness till the sun rises? Gosh, I hate sleeplessness!

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