Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Evening

So, I'd spent quite a lot of time writing - well, 90% of it thinking of what to write, 10% actually writing. I'd also spent some time looking for literature, most of which require subscription, which I could only access from my office. So, my engagement today brought me within a short driving distance to campus, and I thought - well, why not? So, I'd expected the place to be totally still and deserted - for who, other than me occasionally, would be insane enough to be at the workplace on a Sunday evening? But as I sat locked in my office, I heard footsteps, doors opening and closing, the turning of locks... Someone else was there and was going about. As I was leaving, I saw him re-entering his office.

So, one of the best things about being in academic is that one can be as crazy as one pleases, for crazy is the norm!

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