Friday, October 7, 2011

Musician Extraordinaire

Dear Reader, it's been over two years since I first performed on stage with the choir, accompanied by a full orchestra, conducted by a dashing, charming and sexy conductor. I wrote about it here. This brilliant man, conductor and violinist, is Brian Tan.

From the very first rehearsal, we were smitten by him - all at once serious but friendly, very professional but full of fun, passionate, expressive and absolutely one with the music. As a violinist, he makes great music; as a conductor, he makes the musicians make great music. He is patient, yet firm, and knows just how to bring out the best in each and every one under his leadership. I do not know how I can put into words how grateful I am, really, to have had the chance to work with such a musical genius.

It saddened me tremendously, therefore, to find out that he's actually been sick the last couple of years - the horrible, HORRIBLE pancreatic cancer - and his health has deteriorated to its worst. It is utterly heartbreaking to know that a man yet so young and talented; so great a teacher, mentor, and leader; and without doubt so awesome a person, is destined to face such tragic circumstances. I know not what else to write... I'm still overwhelmed.

Musicians who love, and I believe, are loved by Brian, are putting together a concert to raise an education fund for his children, and needless to say, any form of contribution will make a difference. The concert will be held on October 28, at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (klpac). Details here:

For non-Facebookers, here's a list of contacts extracted from the page:

KLPac 03.4047.9010
Box Office 03.4047.9000

Jeff Lim (Program & Score)

Eugene Pook (Program & Sponsorship / Donation)

Ken Hor (Composition and Rearrangement, Facebook Page)

Chan Yit fei (KLPac Musicians coordination & Score)

Phooi Wooi (Non-KLPac Musicians Coordination)

Ticket sales for the concert begin next week. Call the klpac Box Office. For Brian.

11th October 2011 edit:

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