Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupational Hazard

Reader, have I ever told you the extent of my clumsiness (and absent-mindedness, thoughtlessness, silliness, forgetfulness etc...)? Long story short (I'm tired and I want to go to sleep) - I knocked over a bottle of ink while I was refilling my markers. It fell over the edge of my table, onto - well, me. In addition to splatters on my printer, chest of drawers and floor, I got splashed all over my pants, slippers, feet and right hand. There was a spot on my cushioned chair too. I was literally stunned for several seconds, as my mind struggled to accept the nasty reality.

The mess! The horrible, horrible mess! The ink! The bottle was 2/3 full and would have lasted a long time still! I let out a long, tortured, silent scream. I had a class a couple of hours later and I really didn't need a mess to deal with then!

I took a deep breath, and with my unstained left hand, I took my phone and took the shot. Seriously, no point crying over spilt ink.

First things first - I went to the washroom and washed the ink off my hand. Back in my office, I wiped as much as could be wiped from my printer and chest of drawers, and then "borrowed" the mop from the janitor's closet and cleaned the floor. It wasn't easy - it took a lot of strength to get the stains out. As for my pants, slippers and feet, there wasn't much I could do. The pants were positively ruined - from past experiences, I know marker ink stains simply don't come out. They just don't. I don't know about the slippers... perhaps I could think of something tomorrow. My feet - well, I'd just have to put up with the stains for the rest of the evening, I figured.

Later, I went to lecture in my pants adorned with black patches, and after that, to yoga with my feet sporting black spots.

All these should be upsetting, but I'm not much upset. I keep thinking it was quite fortunate that I spilled black ink, instead of red ink, which will probably make my office look like a scene from CSI, and me the murderer, or victim. I mean that whole-heartedly - I was refilling my red marker pen just prior to the black one. It could so have been red! *shudders* 

It was also fortunate that I wasn't wearing my new sandals, which I had actually put on in the morning, and then changed my mind. It would have been catastrophic if they got stained and the stains won't come out! Lastly, I'm grateful my pants were grey, though not dark enough to render the stains invisible. Imagine if I wore white - like, white with black blotches? I'd totally look like a COW!

Say, this positive thinking thing is quite becoming of me. Oh, and I just thought of one more - if I ever need a reason to buy a new pair of pants... well, one pair was ruined today!


Wholesale Pendant said...

I am learning, to accept and change my perspective to see things happened in a positive way.

CHER-RY said...

ouch evil mess!!!!!!

neil said...

yea :P

laurak@forestwalkart said...

yikes! you're least it wasn't RED ink! and at least the floor wasn't carpeted!

BUT, you might have started a new for people around you wearing pants...shirts...socks...with the 'paint splatter' look!

neil said...

Oohhh... that should be cool! =)