Thursday, November 24, 2011

Queen Procrastinator

I started this "project" a few weeks after I came to know of my friend's pregnancy. It is supposed to be a blanket for the baby, and my plan was to make it about 25 x 25 inches. I used a smaller than my usual pair of needles, so the stitches are closer together and the resulting fabric thicker. It takes about 8 stitches across and 12 rows of them to make a square inch. That translates to a lot of work... for someone lazy like me, at least, who'd usually avoid making anything larger than toddler's caps. I thought if I could just progress a couple of inches every weekend, it should be done in time. After all, at the time, it was still well over 20 weeks till the baby was due. I had lots of time...

Baby was born yesterday... and I'm - well, 6 inches or so short. Yikes.

This happens *all* the time. Sigh.

Sorry, baby, your blanket's gonna be a bit short. Hope you won't mind too much...

17th December edit:
Look, baby... I hope you like the finishing detail I added:

Sorry, the teddy isn't for you... he's just my regular model for baby-related knits =)

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