Thursday, November 10, 2011

Together As One

This is the 2011 production by YKLS! Reader, if you are not acquainted with choir shows, think Glee, with the following differences:

1. Solo parts are minimal and most of the time, all members sing together in beautiful harmony - not in the style of A Diva + the rest of them doing backing vocals

2. These people really can sing, very well, and live - not at all like the auto-tuned, over-produced tracks that make me... I mean, you, want to fast-forward through all the "singing" parts.

3. Each and every member of the choir is there for their love of music and passion for singing - not *any* other reasons.

They will be performing choral versions of religious songs from various beliefs. I'm neither a religious person nor have I any interest in anything that has to do with religion(s), but I'll be expecting a spectacular show, Reader, for it is -

Directed by: Joe Hasham OAM, Dato’ Faridah Merican
Music Directors: Susanna Saw, Tracy Wong
Produced by: Ian Chow, Tan May Yee

There is, after all, only good and bad music. Here are the details, if you would like to see it:

10th to 12th November 2011 @ 8.30pm
12th to 13th November 2011 @ 3pm

RM40 (Normal)
RM30 (Children below 12 /TAS Card Holder/People with disabilities)

Box office:
Call or Walk-in to: klpac @ Sentul Park (+603-40479000)
Call or Walk-in to: The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (+603-21422009 / 21432009)
Walk-in to: ILasso Tickets @ A606, Block A, Phileo Damansara II, Petaling Jaya (+603-79576088 – enquiry line only)

Oh, but I'm not in it. I was in the previous one. =)

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