Monday, January 23, 2012


People who don't sleep at night get to make friends with the nocturnal. By people, I mean me; by the nocturnal, I mean my regular visitor, the bat.

The first time he came, we didn't get acquainted. I was on my way to bed when I saw the dark little thing swooshing back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. I ignored it and continued on my way. The second time, there was drama. Lots of it.

The third time, he spent a quiet late evening clinging to my mother's curtain.

We didn't know each other so well then, so I thought it would be better if he didn't stay the night. I put a dish cover over him and gentle coaxed him to cling to that. Then, I took him outside and let him go.

Some months later when he came back, he found a comfortable spot on the leg of a side table at a corner of the living room.

He looked very content and I was getting more comfortable having him around, I decided to just let him be.

Two nights ago, he visited again. As usual, he flew around for a while, then disappeared into the kitchen. When I went to check, I heard scratching and found the little fella "trapped" in the sink.

I can't be sure if he was trapped, but it seemed so, for he was crawling round and round it, as if unable to come out nor take flight. Once again I put the dish cover over him, let him cling onto it, and then took him outside in a laundry basket.

I set the basket on the porch and waited for him to fly away. He didnt. I waited a few more minutes, but it was evident he got comfortable where he was.

Maybe he knew how much I enjoy photographing him and wished to indulge me. Awww. Sweet little fella. Here's a shot of his cute little claw:

Of course, I know it is impossible for me to know my visitor is always the same one. However, I'd like to think it, so I will. I've also decided to make him my pet. The kind that feeds and takes care of himself, and comes and goes as he pleases. A pet needs a name, so his name is Flapper. Don't roll your eyes, Reader... I know I'm unimaginative with names - it's one of my faults.

My friends tell me that bat, pronounced bian fu in Mandarin, has a syllable which sounds the same as fu, the character which means luck or prosperity. Therefore, to be visited by a bat symbolises welcoming prosperity into my home, which is something great to have, especially just two days before the start of the lunar new year. Yea, Chinese do lots of these cute symbolism.

Therefore, I find it befitting to publish a bunch of Flapper's photos here on the First Day of the Year of the Dragon. Have a happy, flappety, wonderful twelve (lunar) months ahead, Reader. Happy Chinese New Year!


CHER-RY said...

wat a good idea to use food cover...just make sure u wash them...:P

neil said...

Haha, yup! :P