Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is absolutely the first time, ever, that I use CAPS for a post title. Seriously. I've been in a daze for the most of the past three months or so - constantly occupied from morning till evening on weekdays and working through quite a few weekends and public holidays. I'm not a workaholic - far from it - I don't enjoy work any more than the average working person, but if I have something I must do, I must do. Like, I must prepare my own lecture slides, although I have "inherited" a set from lecturers who taught the subjects in the past, because those are... what's a better word for 'crap'? Oh, wait.

So, I've been busy. Extremely busy. I'm not about to make lists, so it suffices to say I've taken up way more than I ever had, since I started my current position.

However, I still found the time to write the occasional (although mostly short) posts. I found the time to indulge in little things I enjoy every now and then - a friend observed that while I whined about being so busy, I managed to complete my baby blanket project, bake gingerbread cookies (complete with royal icing decoration!) for family, friends and colleagues, and take half a day off my (very precious) weekend to meet and spend time with friends. I said those are precisely the reasons I've been so occupied that I didn't have a spare minute to sit back, relax and do "nothing". For, in addition to her list, I also allocated time to be with my family, do some yoga, climbing and guitar practice.

Granted, I had to give some activities a miss when work overwhelmed; I had to decline some invitations I would otherwise had accepted. Choir, for example. Every ex-choirmate I met and spoke to asked me to go back for their 2012 production - it's going to be a grand affair for it's also going to be their 10th anniversary concert. They're doing pop, jazz and musical pieces... and it's almost painful to think that I will not be a part of that. But I know I will not be able to cope with the demanding rehearsal schedule and everything else I've currently undertaken - I mean, it takes, literally, two persons to tell me that my hair has grown long and unruly for me to realize the last haircut I got was nearly 6 months ago. So, either way I decide, I know I will have regrets.

I don't know where this post is heading. Being so thoroughly exhausted does that to my brain - I spent almost 14 hours on campus today.

So, to conclude - in some weird way, it feels great to be busy. Simply busy - not stressed out, driven to the brink of insanity or anything along those lines. My BP is consistently low (though I'm not sure if that is because I'm anaemic). Right. Good night, Reader!

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